Lady Of The Secluded Ponds

Lady of the Secluded Ponds

Ayad Gharbawi

Eyeless flower

In minds of unrest

Sing this melody in warmth abundant.

Troubled Skies have chosen

To forsake you

While you crowds seek to intermingle

With lovers un-affected

Do you yet again fail to comprehend?

Moon-less sky

Come and perchance you may

Yearn in me, to visualise

A show of Truth

That dances

The Dance of Closure

And yes what cried – cried!

That is my understanding

Of History

Where outbreaks of madness

Virulently burst out

Far too often

In uncontrollable rages;

Gentle lady!

In the midst of it all;

Come to feel

That your

Flowers in your mouth

Will bring bitterness

And not deliverance

For that which is

Constitutionally brittle

Cannot last

Think, then


Soft Lady

Of Ponds Warmly



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