Talking To A Suicidal Woman


Ayad Gharbawi

August 11, 2008 – Damascus, Syria

Too good?

The truth is being


By recluses

Who were smiling

In front of fake mirrors

Produced by self deceiving professional liars

‘What can I do with you?’ I asked you so many times

But you always gave me such

Twisted answers

With absurd logic

You  thought

Was really ‘logic’

But it wasn’t, my dearest

It was just absurdities

And yet

We had all to live

Within these

Claustrophobic days

And pointless heated discussions

Pointless tears

And pointless rages and what did you achieve through it all?

I saw nothing but more of your tears and depressions

That seemed like snarling waves too me

Seriously trying to murder you

Coming and going

But always returning

And maybe succeeding soon with yourself?


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