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Talking To A Suicidal Woman

March 8, 2010


Ayad Gharbawi

August 11, 2008 – Damascus, Syria

Too good?

The truth is being


By recluses

Who were smiling

In front of fake mirrors

Produced by self deceiving professional liars

‘What can I do with you?’ I asked you so many times

But you always gave me such

Twisted answers

With absurd logic

You  thought

Was really ‘logic’

But it wasn’t, my dearest

It was just absurdities

And yet

We had all to live

Within these

Claustrophobic days

And pointless heated discussions

Pointless tears

And pointless rages and what did you achieve through it all?

I saw nothing but more of your tears and depressions

That seemed like snarling waves too me

Seriously trying to murder you

Coming and going

But always returning

And maybe succeeding soon with yourself?


Lady Of The Secluded Ponds

March 6, 2010

Lady of the Secluded Ponds

Ayad Gharbawi

Eyeless flower

In minds of unrest

Sing this melody in warmth abundant.

Troubled Skies have chosen

To forsake you

While you crowds seek to intermingle

With lovers un-affected

Do you yet again fail to comprehend?

Moon-less sky

Come and perchance you may

Yearn in me, to visualise

A show of Truth

That dances

The Dance of Closure

And yes what cried – cried!

That is my understanding

Of History

Where outbreaks of madness

Virulently burst out

Far too often

In uncontrollable rages;

Gentle lady!

In the midst of it all;

Come to feel

That your

Flowers in your mouth

Will bring bitterness

And not deliverance

For that which is

Constitutionally brittle

Cannot last

Think, then


Soft Lady

Of Ponds Warmly


Destroyed Tombstones

March 6, 2010


Ayad Gharbawi


Some weeping

Some obliterating


Angers of epochs ‘cross centuries

Hollering hurt

Yet, unheeding you

Choose to live then

And when

Pressures are extreme


When Rocks cried

For you humans

That lie here


You lie

With no epitaphs


To dignify you

Perhaps you, the Living,

Watching these scenes here

Can think

From what those

The Dead

Chose to live out

Their lives?


Yes, you!

Though beaten severely

Such a beating

Scattering your sinful blood

Fisting out

Your eyeballs

You humans!

Once alive with ardour!

Now departed

Way beyond what our

Remembrance can care for

And you, now

The Living

What thoughts may be composed

Within your breasts

As you think

Of those long, gone and Dead?

Humans scattered!



Your loved ones

Once lurid, glitzy

And now, themselves


Lie lifeless

And now behold

These Souls Scattered

With no tombstones

To recall

Their echoing lives;

So what now,

Ye Living Souls

Tell me, then

What whispers

You think of?

Speech Of A Woman

March 6, 2010

Speech Of A Woman

Ayad Gharbawi

I have no real, genuine memories

I can claim to have shared

With any of you;

Yes, don’t be surprised –

What a vile world

I lived through

With you all

Who remember me!

Those sham expressive faces

Your zealous vacant smiles,

Delightfully inert conversations

Phony, convincing under nourishing passions

I played again and again, repeatedly

For everyone’s pleasures

My senses chose to create

Forged humans within my minds

Who then played with you all

So unproblematic was it for me

You now see it was for my good self

To manipulate and stage-manage

You men and women I interacted with

And, yes, you are correct

Linguistics, cultures and backgrounds

Were no barriers for my minds

The plastic and the bone-like

Wooden ones;

And if I needed

To break, and smash

Your entirety

You Soulless Beings

Descendants of Adam and Eve

If I need to,

Yes, if necessary

I chose to


I chose to annihilate

Your criminal emotions

Your sinful motives to exist

Word by word

Bone by bone

Crumb by crumb of your

Entire physicality

Until I felt

My needs

Were satiated.

Am I

A fake?

Am I



Listen to me you all

Faceless individuals of no

Convincing individuality:

My real faces, my minds, I do not share

My own discrete, unknown craving vices

My own veiled unsatisfied hunger and

Its longing requirements

Remain hidden

From you humans –

And good that they all be and remain so!

So how can I still

Be so much entertainment for you all?

Yes, I am a lady of eyes

That love

To stare

Your inquiries away

And yes, I adore


Your spirits till

They decay


You feel I am Arrogant?

And never more humble a whisper

Have I ever met

Like myself.


Because Life is a servants’ game of chances

Wherein we flit in and out

That’s what I do so casually well

You want to know how I operated?

I fixate all my obsessions vividly and clearly

Against any opponent I feel

Needs to be extinguished

Those words inside me remain


Because I choose for them to be trapped

And I’ll wait for you too

To make sure, I will see you

And sure you

Will crumble back to where you all began: dust

O my dear

I am alive!

And you?


You Alive?

You think so?

You believe so?

Listen severely here to me;

Your sanity is vague, I remind you

And your ways and wages so mean

Your life is so distant

From your reality

While your worries so near to you remain tied

And all that you may give to Humanity

And all that you may share with Decency

None will care!

All shall

Remain alone, untouched,

Occasionally broken down in tears

Forever in that moronic


You classify

As ‘Living’

And I call ‘Dying’.